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Moto Alarm Project

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Moto Alarm Project

Do it yourself!

This application is part of the 'Moto Alarm Project' project. With it, you can build yourself the device with 'Arduino' to install on your motorcycle and thus be able to locate it at all times.

With the app you can see the location of your motorcycle, talk to her through a chat and SMS, see the distance that separates you from her and thus make sure you continue where you left off.

There are commercial products of this type, but all have a high cost and usually a monthly or annual subscription. This project is for you to create the device yourself and create part of it.

If on the contrary you do not see yourself technically able to do it, download the application and contact me using the form, I will help you and send you a finished device.

For this project you will need a SIM card with data and thus have internet on your motorcycle.

Enjoy it!

***Continued use of the location can drastically reduce your device's battery

***This application works with an 'Arduino' device installed on your motorcycle. This sends data to a server and is received in the application to have always located your motorcycle. More information about the device in:
Arturo Carretero Calvo