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Motivate me

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Motivate me

With the new version coming out in May you will be able to set an individual reminder for each goal.

Motivation is actually the desire to not only do things, but to do them right. It's the difference between sleeping all day and waking up before dawn to go jogging.

Do you want to motivate yourself? Become more successful, get rid of bad habits and create a healthy balance in your life? Join us on the way to the really important things!

When the fight begins within himself, a man's worth something. (Robert Browning)

Motivate Me is an innovative app, specially designed to boost your effectiveness and help to get rid of bad habits. After creating several goals and selecting convenient times for reminders, the app will do all the work for you, while asking about your progress. The app is made to become an essential assistant on your daily path to a better, healthier life. Shortly, you will be able to see remarkable results in defeating the bad habits, developing good ones and getting closer to your goals.

- Distraction-free minimalistic design to help you concentrate
- Different interface themes
- Large selection of ready-to-use templates
- Wide variety of pictures for personal goal-creating
- Reminders up to 4 times a day
- Once a day the app asks about each goal separately
- Goal history
- Share your progress with friends (Facebook, Twitter)
Alexander Zimin