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Mostat Wi-Fi thermostat for individual heating boilers that reduce heating costs from 16% to 39%. The MOSTAT is compatible with the individual heating systems.

This application requires a Mostat Thermostat. Visit to learn more! Also you can check demo account.

Thermostat makes it possible to control the individual heating boiler remotely on the go, from mobile phone, iPad or web browser.
Adjust temperature and comfort settings easily from the mobile app. If something’s wrong with your equipment, we can send you service alerts and reminders.

The application offers a detailed statistics of heating system as graphical representations of beautiful charts, based on the data received from the device.
You will be able to consider due to which you can save extra energy, and will help you track your consumption and adjust your heating schedule for optimal savings.
You can see web app in action, visit The MOSTAT algorithm makes it possible to record the schedule of heating work in a living spaces, hourly and daily.
You will be able to optimize the heating system schedule to save even more!

- Every month you will get information on your consumed energy.
- Possibility to compare energy and savings consumed in previous months.
- Energy consumption assessment.
- How does the wind affect your living space ?
- Is it necessary to install additional heat insulation ?
- What is the volume of heat loss in your house ?
- In what time does the temperature drop or rise ?

Everything is very simple - there are only two options in the application - temperature control and mode Away.

Mostat thermostats are wireless, which means your thermostat isn’t relying on complex wire installation !
Check your compatibility and install the Mostat yourself. Installation time of the thermostat into the heating boiler is about 20 minutes.
Home Wi-Fi provides connectivity between the MOSTAT and the Room Sensor. Hence, there is no need to set-up extra "gateway device" to do the job.

We're working hard to improving our product, so get in touch and learn more at:
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