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Morse Code Training

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Morse Code Training

Do you know how to signal SOS?

This app will help you learn how to read, identify and translate morse code.
Choose one of the three modes to learn the international morse code alphabet.

1) Play the morse code game to improve your morse code skills.
The game play mode has 7 increasingly challenging levels that turn you into a master morse code translator.

If you need more practice on any given level you can always go back to any level you have completed by simply choosing the desired level. All levels are accessible at all times through the others menu at the bottom of your screen.

2) Use the practice mode to learn the alphabet from the reference version.
Simply press any of the morse codes on display to hear and uncover the corresponding letter. You can also reverse to the alphabet mode to spell words and transmit morse code to your friends and family.

3) Practice on the go with the included Apple Watch game.

Similar to Koch's method and the Farnsworth timing this app will help you learn the morse code alphabet in a short amount of time.

Whether you're a member of the American Radio Relay League (Amateur Radio) and would like to brush up your morse code skill or your a novice just starting to learn morse code you'll enjoy the challenge you'll face with this game.

Once you're confident you have mastered your morse code alphabet make a game out of it by giving your iPad to a friend and having them type words with the given character set. Let's see how many words you can recognize.

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