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MoonFit is a Web3 & NFT Lifestyle App that promotes active living by rewarding users anytime they burn calories through physical activities. MoonFit's mission is to promote an active lifestyle through Web3 & NFT.

We encourage every form of training as long as calories are burnt. MoonFit users will stay motivated to work out, keep fit, and stay healthy through our rewarding mechanism and social connection.

For that mission, applying Web3, NFT and Moonbeam ecosystem with a well-thought user rewarding mechanism is important to quickly help us reach our predetermined target. Besides, our real-life lifestyle/fitness application benefit and the proper rewarding system will inspire people to take one more step every day while helping us get one step closer to our goal.

Is that free to use?
Yes. It's free for you to use MoonFit and interact with the app for daily training. You don't need to own an NFT to join us today.

Why NFT?
MoonFit use NFT to elevate users' experience. Each NFT is unique and you can use it to connect with your clan, treat it nicely as a training friend, improve it everyday as you improve your health.

Key features:
- Clan Battle
- Monthly Training Recap
- Tracking Metrics
- Gamification
- Lucky Wheel
- Weekly Raffle
And many more.