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【Monster Pub】As a lifestyle app designed by SISTALK, Monster Pub provides women with the experience of a better lifestyle.

▼ Immersive
Open the blue tooth; Connect with phones; Use your fingers to slide on the screen, Monster Pub will provide you an unprecedented experience.

▼ Sharing
Users have created a huge vibration library, they are stored in the cloud to be replayed by Recall, and also to be shared anonymously online.

▼ Kegel Exercise
The Kegel Exercise inside Monster Pub has helped thousands of users to tighten their PC muscles.

▼ Distance Romantic
Sending an invitation via WeChat / WhatsApp / Facebook; Telling all your affection via Monster Pub.

▼ Action-Reaction—Giving you surprising experiences through your movements.

▼ Unavailable for people under 18 years old.
SISTALK Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.