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Monoprice Whole Home Audio

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Monoprice Whole Home Audio

If you have the Monoprice 10761 or Dayton Audio DAX66 Whole Home 6 Zone Audio Controller, this app will complete your setup. Just add the Global Cache iTach Flex IP/Wifi to RS232 and you've got whole home audio control nirvana.

**NOTE** This will not support the newer Monoprice 31028.

Control and manage all zones, all sources, volume per zone, power per zone, bass, treble, everything.

Key Features:
[+] 3D Touch controls on the app icon
[+] Install the app on all your iPhones, iPads and iPods; we support them all
[+] App Themes
[+] Zone grouping
[+] Supports up to 3 connected devices, 18 zones, 6 sources

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