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Monkey Preschool Find It

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Monkey Preschool Find It

Monkey Preschool Find It! is a whimsical, free-form early learning game. Based on the timeless kid’s classic of “find the difference”, Find It! takes kids on a wacky arcade adventure. Full of colorful levels and engaging game play that also gives them the chance to learn something along the way.

Apple Watch Co-Play!
-Track level performance
-Help out your little finder by giving them a Power Up! :)
-Give them a tweak by sending them a Mischief! :(

Fun! Thinking! Growth!
-Charming and engaging challenges
-Delightful old school arcade game play
-Develop attention to detail with clever and captivating art and illustration
-Crazy levels; flower garden, mystery tubes and deep space!
-Games focused on core early learning; shapes numbers and letters

Kid Safe!
-As always, no ads, in app purchases or tracking of any personal information!
-Intuitive kid friendly design
-COPPA compliant
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