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moneyThreadz is a lightweight budgeting and finances tracking app.

moneyThreadz takes a different approach to budgeting by combining expense tracking, forecasting, and budget reminders into a light-weight simple-to-use application.

Are you doing the "money-in / money-out" juggling act, trying to figure out how much money you'll have on various days (accounting for when that paycheck is deposited, you sell that skateboard, or your rental property income is deposited), in order to keep that cash flow balance positive, and out of the red? Do you need to easily track the running balance on multiple accounts or categories of income and expenses?

moneyThreadz can help — in a big way. It makes this task easy by doing all the math for you automatically. You just enter the expenses and income, and the due dates for each item. Touch the Edit button, and start dragging items up or down in the Transactions table. As you start shifting entries in the Transactions Table up or down, moneyThreadz does the heavy-lifting for you, and automatically recalculates the running balance for each item. You can see — at a glance — what the running balance is at each transaction, and if your budget is in the red, or black (literally).

moneyThreadz allows you to track multiple accounts or categories with ease. Each List contains its own set of transactions, so you can track checking, savings, expenses, or whatever category you wish to specify in separate Lists.

In addition to making it easy to do budget forecasting, moneyThreadz can let you know when you need to be reminded of a task — pay a bill, transfer some funds, etc… It has not just one, but three built-in indicators that show you automatically if an item is due more than a day from now, today, or is already past due.

Finally, moneyThreadz is not limited to only knowing how to deal with dollars and cents. Do you use the Euro, Yuan, Krone, or some other currency? No problem! moneyThreadz automatically checks the region setting on your iPhone, and you are able to view and edit both date and currency information using the correct format for your region.


- Light-weight - quick and easy to learn
- Multiple lists for tracking separate accounts
- Customizable tags/themes for lists (determines color & appearance)
- Customizable tags/themes for transactions (determines color & appearance)
- Visual indicators when transaction/bill is nearly due, due, or past due
- Dragging entry up/down in list automatically recomputes running balances
- Apple Watch support
- Currency formatting (display & data entry) support for regions
- Localized for multiple languages:
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Barking Ant Software, LLC