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Make your financial life easier with Money.

Money places all your accounts, transactions, budgets, and much more in one place. Simple to understand. Simple to manage. Simply beautiful. Just simple!

Money is your new financial manager!

Main Features:

* HOME: This is where your most important information lives. The home view has your accounts, groups, upcoming transactions, and report and budget glances. Tapping on an account takes you to the transactions within. Tapping on a group will toggle it's visibility in the home view, giving you the ability to hide entire groups of accounts with one tap. Tapping on the Upcoming cell will take you to an overview of all upcoming scheduled transactions/bills. If any scheduled transactions are due, the upcoming cell will turn red, so you can know that something is due.

* ACCOUNTS: Money will hold all of your accounts and contained information in one place. Simply create an account and apply all desired information. Cards can also be added to any account, regardless of type. You can connect all card information (cardholder, number, expiration, cvv, and credit limit) to the account. To get a glance of your credit card from the home screen, simply swipe from left to right on the associated account.

* GROUPS: Place as many accounts as desired in as many groups as you wish. Money gives you full flexibility with groups and does not limit one account per group, nor one group per account. Have multiple users? Create a group for each person and place each account in the pertaining user's group. Have joint accounts? Create a joint group and place joint accounts in there as well. Have fun.

* TRANSACTIONS: Transactions are easy to create and easy to manage. Tap the big red "+" button to create a new transaction. Enter the amount and payee and tap done. That's it. Money will even intelligently check for previous transactions with the entered payee and will autofill the information for you. So all you have to do is enter the payee and tap done. No need to complicate things.

* SCHEDULED TRANSACTIONS (unlocked via in-app purchase): Money gives you the ability to schedule as many transactions as you desire. You can set these transactions to auto-clear when due or simply get notified by money when they are due. If you desire, money will notify you whenever a transaction is due, even if you are not in the app. The notification will have two convenient buttons, "Skip" and "Clear." So if you don't want to enter the app, you can take action from anywhere on your device or simply dismiss the notification and worry about the transaction later.

* REPORT GLANCES: Report glances contain an overview of your financial behavior in a small, easy to understand glance. Tap on any point to get more information of that specific point. If you want even more detail on the reported information, simply go the the Reports section of money.

* BUDGETS: Create budgets in money to limit your spending to a specific category or payee. If desired, budgets will show up in the report glances on the home view, so without having to tap anything, you will have an overview of your budgets.

* REPORTS: Get detailed information of your financial behavior in the Reports section of Money. Reports include Cash Flow, Net Worth, Incomes, Expenses, Assets, Debts, Projection, and Statistics. Statistics will give you a full overview of all of your transactions, including daily, monthly, and yearly spending, top categories and payees, and much more. You will also be able to export a pdf file of your statistics, including each transaction in the selected time frame.

* SECURITY (unlocked via in-app purchase): Have complete peace of mind by locking & securing your information with a passcode or touch id. Complete access will require a passcode or your touch id and fully secures your information.

* SYNC (unlocked via in-app purchase): Sync across devices through iCloud, DropBox, or even WiFi.
Jacob Caraballo