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Money Manager 365

by Andy ng
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Money Manager 365

by Andy ng
The money manager can easily track your expenditures and manage the funds you spend on each project. The money manager can also help you track financial activities efficiently and quickly. And to help you track your balance at any time, you can easily track your balance every day, month and year.
main feature:

Easy to use, concise and intuitive expense, income and balance tracker
• Very user-friendly interface. No redundancy, and adding new records is very fast.

Free cloud service
• Sync data to multiple devices

Account sharing
• You can share your account with family/friends and let them add/delete/edit transactions in the shared account.

Multiple books
• You can create multiple ledgers to help you distinguish expenses/income

Periodic accounting
• You can set periodic accounting to different dates, so you don’t need to enter manually

Expense/income tracking
• You can easily track expenses and income, and know your money comes and goes.

Balance tracking
• The system automatically carries over the balance every month.
• You can track your balance daily, monthly, and yearly, and adjust the date range for further analysis.

Import and Export
• You can import data into the app using CSV files
• You can export the data to CSV file format

•Allows you to back up the entire data to a file and restore it easily.

Pie chart/line chart
• You can view transactions grouped by category.
• You can view your transactions by daily, monthly, yearly, or even date range.
• You can view the balance by daily, monthly, yearly, or even date range.

Powerful search function
• You can search transactions by date range, amount range, category, account and remarks.

• Organize bills by week, month and year, and category. Record all items in different categories and amounts in one transaction.
• You can group or separate the books in each budget

• Set reminders to keep your daily record of transactions.
• You can turn on/off reminders at any time

Automatically select ledger
• You can preset automatic selection for a specific ledger so that when you add a new transaction, the system will automatically select the ledger for you.

Coloring category
• You can set the color for each category, and it can even help you identify the category faster.

Money Manager 365 aims to provide users with a clean, tidy and intuitive user-friendly interface, and we promise to make the application super easy to use and powerful. Let us record your personal and corporate financial transactions, generate expense reports, view your daily, weekly and monthly financial data and manage your capital expenditures.
Andy ng