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Monetizer is developed with a minimalist style in harmony with iOS 10, in black and white to give it a simple tone, and is easy to use.

Monetizer is designed to manage your finances and keep under control income and expenses.
It keeps data synchronized on all your devices.
It contains a wish list that allows you to calculate how many days are left for you to buy what you want, depending on your current balance.


- Keep under control income, expenses, balance, total and monthly movements.
- Add expenses or income, single or recurrent, divided by category and add new categories if necessary.
- Display a list of all the movements, or in calendar mode, divided by month or week, with totals.
- Keep synchronized data on all your devices.
- Add an event to the calendar and select a date to be notified.
- Monitor, with five types of chart, the movements and the balance.
- Export to PDF your total movements, monthly, weekly or daily.
- Insert an object you would like to buy in the wish list, add an image by taking a picture or selecting it from the library, and the application will calculate how many days it will take to get it on the basis of available balance.
- Choose the App icon. You can choose from 20 beautiful icons.
- Keep all your data safe by accessing the application via password or touchID.
- Apple Watch App: add expenses or income and keep under control income, expenses, balance, total and monthly movements from your Apple Watch.
- Contact section to report any problems or suggestions.
- See data quickly using the handy widget.
- Log on quickly to the sections via force-touch.
- Universal App.
- Haptic feedback for devices that support it.

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Filippo Stroppi