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Mon Watch

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Mon Watch

We live in an increasingly digitalized world. More and more businesses appear online. This app arises from the need to have control of the status of your websites and servers.

It is really useful if you have an Apple Watch, since it shows you the information very clearly and quickly. You can check it directly from the Apple Watch through its app, but it also has support for watch face complications.

Through the watch face complications, you can elegantly check the status of your websites and servers by seeing the time on your watch. Depending on the type of watch face complications, it's displayed differently (* see screenshots).

*IMPORTANT! Please, for the correct operation and communication with the Apple Watch, once the servers and websites have been defined, don't kill the app, let the app running in background.

The Apple Watch needs the iPhone app to work. You must enter the information from the iPhone. Once the information is entered, it will be automatically synchronized with the Apple Watch.

No need to login, the information is saved locally on the device. On the other hand, if you delete the app or change your device, you must re-enter the information of the servers and web pages.

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