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Mommy — not just another baby tracker. It is an easy-to-use baby diary that contains all the important features.
Made by parents — for parents!

Keep track of the important activities of your baby (breastfeeding, nutrition, sleep, stroll, diaper change, pumping, complementary foods, medicines, temperature, drinks). That will help you establish a baby’s regime, save time, and improve communication with your baby.

Create your own Reminders so you don't miss anything important! Add reminders for a specific time, or set an interval for activity-based reminders.

Engage your partner in baby care! Try the Shared Access feature and keep your baby's diary together!

You can also log your baby's activity on your Apple Watch!

Mommy - Newborn Baby Tracker key features:

BREASTFEEDING. Breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed a baby. Breastfeeding is an essential element in a baby's development. Keep track of the duration of your feedings and remember which breast you used last.

SLEEP. Use the sleep timer to mark when your baby falls asleep and wakes up. Control the number of daytime naps and the duration of nighttime sleep. Assess the quality of your baby's sleep.

NUTRITION. Track the time and amount of expressed milk or formula your baby drinks.

STROLL. Start tracking strolls and keep track of their durations! Walking with a baby brings a lot of benefits!

PUMPING. Track the time and amount of milk you express. Also, easily remember which breast you fed last.

DRINKS. You can record the amount of liquid you drink (water, juice, or tea).

COMPLEMENTARY FOODS. Introduce complementary foods without difficulty, noting what, how much, and when your baby ate.

DIAPER CHANGE. Record the information about when you changed your baby's diaper and what condition it was in, to track whether your baby is getting enough liquid and food.

BABY’S HEALTH. Measure the temperature and control vitamin and medicine intake for your baby.

MEASUREMENTS. Record your baby's height and weight at birth and track him it through all the stages of development.

PATTERN AND TRENDS. Keep tracking the important activities and watch your baby's trends and patterns. That will let you better understand what the baby needs and adjust your baby’s schedule.

GROWTH AND SKILLS. Learn how your baby develops during the first two years.

CLOUD BACKUP & SYNC. Synchronization occurs within your iCloud account. You will be able to access your data on another device with the same Apple ID automatically without having to register or sign in to an account in the Mommy app. We do not store or have access to your and your babies data. All data is stored in your iCloud account.

Terms of Use:
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