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Molecule World for iPhone

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Molecule World for iPhone

Now for the iPhone and Apple Watch!

Explore chemistry and biology with Molecule World™!

Molecule World puts 3D chemicals, proteins, DNA, and RNA at your fingertips. Turn molecules around. Make them larger or smaller. Draw molecules in different ways to discover new things. Explore molecular properties by using color to show different elements, charge, residues, hydrophobicity, individual chains, and position. Use rainbow coloring to see folding in nucleic acids and proteins.

Molecule World is fun for everyone, especially scientists and science students. This easy to use app is appropriate for students of all ages, from middle school through graduate school. Capture images to send to your friends or paste in homework assignments.

Compare small compounds like water to larger molecules like DNA and proteins. Identify membrane-spanning regions in proteins, DNA-binding domains, and sites where proteins and DNA interact with other molecules.

Molecule World is the only iPhone app that supports Cn3D formatted files in addition to PDB files and 3D chemical structures from PubChem. Download and view thousands of proteins, DNA, RNA, and chemical structures from extensive public databases at the NCBI, PubChem, and PDB.

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Key features:

- Download and view protein, DNA, and RNA structures from the NCBI or Protein Data Bank
- View chemicals from PubChem in a 3D format
- Coloring styles highlight chemical properties of amino acids
- Structures can be drawn in different ways (ball and stick, space fill, tubes)
- Identify elements in the structure with the color key
- Color proteins by charge and hydrophobicity
- Use rainbow coloring to look at orientation of biomolecules
- Use coloring and drawing styles to highlight proteins, nucleic acids, or smaller chemicals
- Capture pictures of favorite molecules to share with friends
- View selected structures on your Apple Watch
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