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Modern Metronome & Timekeeper

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Modern Metronome & Timekeeper

Musicians: keep your music practice on track with a metronome designed for simplicity, clarity, and ease of use. It's the easiest, most accessible app that works with the iPhone, iPad, and the new Apple TV. Apple Watch owners can remotely control Modern Metronome on their iPhone from their watch.

One slider sets the tempo, or you can simply tap out the beat on the top of the screen. Modern Metronome will match the beat while providing visual feedback.

Like other music apps, Modern Metronome can play in the background. You can use another app to read sheet music or chords while still getting the beat. While in the background, Control Center and the remote on many headphones can be used to start and stop the tone and control the volume.

No setup is required to get started. The app has just one setting: the tempo. Modern Metronome displays the name of the tempo and the beats per minute below the animated pendulum.

To make it easier on your eyes, all type scales with the system text size settings. It supports the complete range of dynamic text sizes selectable in the Settings app.

Modern Metronome integrates with VoiceOver to assist users with visual or physical disabilities.

Modern Metronome functions in both portrait and landscape orientations, and offers tempos between 20 and 220 beats per minute.
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