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Modern Fertility Tracker

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Modern Fertility Tracker

Wondering when you had your last period? Want to know when your next period is coming? With our - Period tracker, it’s easy to keep track of your cycle.

Calendo it is a professional and friendly application for any woman who wants to understand their body! No more surprises, worrying or about your own reproductive health! With a clean and simple interface know your ovulation day and fertility window. You are able to log any symptoms everyday to understand your health changes.

- Track your symptoms and moods, to discover trends in your cycles.
- Wishes to become pregnant? Find best the best days to try for a baby.
- Reminders will notify you about incoming ovulation, fertile days and more.
- Read useful articles everyday.
- A single tap will bring your previous cycles back.
- Know important tips for taking care of yourself throughout the cycle.
- Learn your cycle and be aware of what is happening with your health.

We take your privacy very seriously! Unlike many other women's health apps, we don't require your email address to sign up, we don't sell or share your personal health data. It's your Life and it should stay with you!
- Optional TouchID or FaceID to protect your privacy.

- Notifications for period, fertility and ovulation days
- Customize the notification text to make it discreet, to avoid never being embarrassed in public.
- Contraceptive pills reminder
- Upcoming interesting news

- Get accurate date of your next period.
- Note the dates of your period.
- Be informed about the incoming fertile days and ovulation.
- Connect Calendo with Apple Health
- View your full history of your previous cycles.

- Sync data with Apple health for more accurate prictions
- Use Notifications, to remind you of incoming period, fertility and ovulation days

Calendo is used to recording and predicting the period, fertile and ovulation days. Due to individual differences, such as age, period cycle, period regularity, etc., Period Calendar may not always predict accurately. Therefore, it can be used to track your personal information, rather than as the only standard to prevent unwanted pregnancy. This app is designed for informational purposes only and should not be used to prevent pregnancy. Your use of Calendo and any information, predictions, or suggestions provided in Calendo are at your sole risk.
Alexandr Rudenko