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If you want to leave your phone behind, or even in your pocket, there's a problem: you can navigate, pay, answer calls, run health apps, and get news and reports, but you can't type on your Apple Watch.... until now.

By reducing the keypad to four buttons, we allow you to type easily on Apple Watch.

With a design three years in the making, Modality has a layout that is easy to learn and memorize, because the letters are arranged by shape. You'll probably understand how it works the first time you use it. And you may even find it fun.

After we released Modality for Apple Watch, I sent out many, many texts in the first week - partly because of the excitement, but mostly because it's easier than reaching for a phone.

We thank you for trying Apple Watch Modality and invite you to give us feedback at [email protected]

Download and use Modality for Apple Watch... and then get it for your iPhone or iPad too.
Ian Hanson