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MobyPlanner Personal Assistant

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MobyPlanner Personal Assistant

MobyPlanner is a new personal assistant helping you scheduling your day.
It's an intelligent mobile calendar designed for busy people on the go.

You will have an overall view of all the appointments of the day together with the transfer times between the different locations.
Verify if you will be able to reach a destination on time already during planning stage!
...and choose the appropriate transport type (car, walking or public transit) to get to your destinations.

What's new in MobyPlanner 2:
- Totally redesigned for a better usage, thanks to your feedback!
- performance improvements
- Now you can set a default location
- Today Widget
- Insert events directly on the map

*** inApp ***
With MobyPlanner PRO Version you will be able to:
- disable calendars to analyze
- choose the calendar where to save appointments
- save travel times on different calendars
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