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Get rewards for moving around and avoiding CO2 emissions! For every distance you cover by e-scooter, bike, e-bike or e-moped, you get MOBIX Miles!

What if you are rewarded for using the cleaner and faster mobility option? What if your favourite coffee shop gave you a discount on your morning coffee in return? Earn your breakfast by walking part of the way to work? Or have the best price negotiated for your next e-scooter ride - and earn even more by properly returning it in a docking station? That‘s what MOBIX is about: MOBX incentivises you to use eco-friendly transportation - moving yourself or deliveries, as a private individual or as a freelance delivery jobber.

NEW: You can now earn rewards by staking your MOBX here in the MOBIX wallet with the brand new staking feature! The MOBIX staking mechanism is designed as an incentive to secure the stability of the MOBX token. Staking MOBX will be super easy and only available via the MOBIX app!

● MOBX Wallet: 
Manage your MOBX via the brand new MOBX Wallet UI!
● MOBIX Miles: 
Your MOBIX Miles will be converted to MOBX tokens periodically - check out the brand new UI for this by tapping the orange MOBIX Miles tab to the top left!
● MOBX Staking: 
You can now earn more rewards by staking your MOBX - get incentives by securing the stability of the MOBX token!
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