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Mobile Doctor Pro is specifically designed for you, let you easily to get your phone status information at any time, including the following major features:

- Internet traffic monitoring
- Mobile doctor functions containing up to 20 tests, keep the phone functional health
- Smart photo cleanup, help your iPhone, iPad to save storage space, an exclusive technology smart detection of similar photos
- Calendar junk cleanup
- System cache cleanup
- Disk storage monitoring
- Duplicate contact information scanner
- Launchpad in Notification Center
- Personal privacy data management, including the management of photos, audio, video, notes
- Beautiful charging screen, let charging is no longer boring
- Battery life query, displays the battery power loss condition
- Full-charge reminder
- QR code and barcode scanning
- System memory, battery information
- Support for Apple Watch
- And many more useful features, please see the detailed feature introduction ...

Let you know iPhone, iPad information and solutions encountered in the use of uncomfortable, keep your device in the best state!

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Detailed features:

• Internet traffic monitoring
- To set the data plan: total package flow calibration has already been used, month day
- Package alert reminders
- Daily traffic usage
- Monthly traffic map
- Data-flow unit display support megabytes (MB) and Gigabit (GB)

• Mobile Doctor, all-round protection of mobile health
- Designed for students, friends design's, buy, avoid buying a problem iPhone or iPad
- Hardware detection up to 20, ensuring that your device health.
- If you are using a new phone, coming when the warranty period to test, check for faults, free of charge within the warranty period for machines
- If you are buying a second-hand mobile phone, more thoroughly tested it again, make sure is no problem.

• Launchpad in the Notification Center
- Quickly open social networks, including Facebook, twitter,instagram,whatsapp
- Set contact dial or address information, one-click calls FaceTime, quickly send or e-mail
- Set location, one-click to open the corresponding location on the map
- Set up a Web site link, a key to open the corresponding web site

• Maximize the protection of private information and data
- Adds support for privacy protected pictures, take pictures, record video, record voice and add notes to ensure privacy and security
- Setting privacy sliding screen and digital protection passwords
- Fingerprint identification unlocking
- Private data sharing

• Duplicate photos Scanner
- Scan duplicate photos in the photo library, saving storage space in system
- Use a variety of graphic algorithm, not only can detect duplicate photos, more importantly can detect similar photos, you better manage photos in photo library, you have to try ^ _ ^

• System Cache
Clean system cache to free up more disk storage

• Calendar
Remove spam invitations(ads) in Calendar.

• Battery
- Real time display battery life
- Charging screen: displays beautiful charging interface, a variety of themes to choose from, while supporting the add a background picture or camera pictures from photo gallery
- Charging tips at night do not disturb modes to choose
- Battery wear level detection
- Available time estimation

• Duplicate Contacts Scanner
- Scan directories, detect duplicate contact name in the contact list, duplicate phone numbers, and e-mail so you can manage

• QR code and barcode scanning
- Direct scan code or import pictures from photo albums to scan code identification, support multiple two-dimensional Code/barcode types, built-in scanning information management

• Supports Apple Watch
- Shows iPhone battery life
- Quick query the current network traffic usage
- Quick queries every day of the month the network traffic usage

• Other features
- Disk storage monitoring
- System information: including device name, CPU, memory, disk usage, network.
- Current memory details
- Multifunctional flashlight
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