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Mobifitness provides you a simple, effective, and enjoyable way to exercise without leaving your house. Pair our App to a smart fitness equipment, start your workout immediately by pull the handle of your rowing machine or step on your treadmill, and your fitness journey at your sweet home begins.

Here are the features in our App that can help you become perseverant, energetic and healthier.

Structured workouts with different intensity. Being either an expert, or a beginner, you will easily find workouts that are suitable for you. Try different type of workouts from Mobi or our global community and seek to level up! You are also welcomed to create your personal workout and share it to others.

Live & on-demand video classes. Yes, you are not alone even when you exercise at home! Hundreds of live and on-demand classes will successively emerge in our App, performed by our professional team including instructors of all kinds. Get to know friends, interact with our coach, and join our in-class game & competition. Our class is an online party you cannot miss.

Our App is free to use. Purchase a Mobi smart fitness equipment, be cool, and be healthier.

HealthKit is used to sync your training data to the Apple Health App, where you can check your daily activity from your Mobi equipment.
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