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Mobeleash is designed to reduce the massive inconvenience, privacy exposure and cost of forgetting or losing your iPhone.

Mobeleash alerts you from your Apple Watch when you are leaving your iPhone behind so you can go get it!

Mobeleash is designed to work intuitively with your work, leisure and travel lifestyle anywhere anytime including Airplane Mode. With 2 Notification Settings, Default and Travel.

Mobeleash is an Apple Watch App creating a virtual-leash between your Apple Watch and your iPhone.

Mobeleash has an Apple Watch face Complication so you can view your iPhone's Mobeleash Status at a glance. And a Help-Find feature to give you information about when and whereabouts your iPhone Status changed from Close-by to Missing along with an estimate of distance and walk-time plus a map ... all on your Apple Watch without needing to access a secondary device or the Internet.

Mobeleash has a few Notification statuses namely, a green coloured logo for "iPhone Close-by", an amber coloured logo for "iPhone Missing?", a red coloured logo for "iPhone Lost?". The blue logo "Open iPhone App" askes you to open your Mobeleash App on your iPhone to reconnect/look for your iPhone as it may be lost.

The Notifications on your Apple Watch are visual, audio and haptic.

Remember to read the User Tips and the Mobeleash Terms of Use.

Thank you for using Mobeleash.