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Moatheni • مؤذني

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Moatheni • مؤذني

Prayer is the second pillar of Islam and it’s the connection between the servant and his lord, so it’s very important to maintain it on time, Moatheni helps you achieve that by calculating prayer times and Qibla direction for any region in the world with high accuracy and beautiful, easy to use interface.

• Main features:

- Automatic prayer times for any location

- Elegant and easy to use interface

- Widgets with various sizes and backgrounds

- Prayer notifications with many other notifications such as Duha, Athkar, Fasting, Friday hour, with beautiful sounds and full Athan

- Various Athkar such as morning, evening, prayer, fasting, sleep and more

- Apple Watch support with the important Athkar

- View nearby Mosques and navigate to them

- Islamic events of the year

- In-app widgets such as moon phase, today’s Hadeath, Friday hours

- Converting from Gregorian to Hijri date

- Full dark mode support with many icons to choose from

- Share Prayer times, Athkar and Quran

- The app doesn’t contain any ads!
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