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MMA Fighting Trainer

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MMA Fighting Trainer

Are you interested in learning how to defend yourself? Drills Mixed Martial Arts app helps you to find your perfect mixture of martial arts. This application enables you to compile sessions to learn new moves and pursue flexibility.

Since perfecting your moves and routines often requires professional guidance. Once you sign up, we will help you get started, assist you on a style selection and keep you engaged so you will not lose focus through communication channels most suitable for you. (Note: This requires registration via email)

The Mixed Martial Arts app has the following free and paid features:

1. Martial Arts Course Creator - Pick moves you want to learn and easily create courses for yourself to participate in.

2. 70+ Animated Moves - To illustrate the idea of how to perform different moves and exercises.

3. Personalization - You can opt-in for personalization, in which case you will get personal instruction, a workout routine, moves to practise and a diet to even further boost your efforts to learn new martial arts and perfect your style. (Note: This requires registration via email)

4. Engagement - You will be kept engaged by us so you will not lose motivation. We do not want you to feel alone when working out; this is a common cause for fading of motivation. You can always work out without any engagement by us, but if you tend to lose focus when you start working out, we are here to help you with various techniques to keep you on track. There’s always someone to talk to. (Note: This requires registration via email)

5. MMA Fighting Trainer is integrated with Apple Health to track your in-session biometrics accurately and to enable a statistical overview of your sessions.

Keep in mind to approach learning these moves with caution, and we do not take responsibility for any harm done to yourself or others while practising these moves! Consult with a martial arts specialist!

Any constructive feedback is most welcome and won't be left unrewarded!

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Questions and inquiries: [email protected]
Robin Kolk