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Mixface lets you pin five useful widgets to your watch face that rotate through the day.

Pick widgets from our gallery and then use Time Travel to cycle through them on your watch face or set them to appear at useful times throughout the day.

Tap through to see more info on the cards in the Watch App or set Notifications against cards to see when the card data changes.

Cards include:

* Clicker (great for Water/Coffee/Gym reps)
* Home and Work ETA
* Calendar Events
* Battery
* Countdown clocks
* Mindfulness
* Notes & Reminders
* Weather today
* Weather tomorrow
* Chance of rain
* Golf scorecard
* Steps
* Sleep
* Workouts
* Calories
* Heart rate
* London bus times
* London metro status

.... and more!

Download now for free and see just what you need, just when you need it... only on Apple Watch.

Note: This app integrates with the Apple Health app to show you Steps, Heart Rate, Workouts and Calories on your Watch Face.


* Weather data powered by DarkSky
* Travel info powered by TFL Open Data
* News powered by Sky News
Yingchi Wang