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Miwaresoft Resolutions 2

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Miwaresoft Resolutions 2

Do you make good resolutions but then forget them?

Miwaresoft Resolutions makes it easy to quickly add resolutions to your list.

Optionally choose to add a photo. For after all, a pictures is worth a thousand words.

Never forget a resolution again!

Miwaresoft Resolutions gently reminds you of your resolutions by sending you optional picture notifications.

Notifications appear on iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

Notifications can be sent daily or weekly and you can choose how frequently you receive them in Settings.

Picture notifications on your iPhone or iPad include quick actions so you can easily mark a resolution as Done or Delete it. And Edit takes you directly to the resolution in the App.

Want to save a resolution from the Photos App or a web page in Safari? Share photos and web pages directly to your list of resolutions.

Got an Apple Watch? Get picture notifications on your watch and mark a resolution as Done or Delete it directly from the Watch.

Miwaresoft Resolutions - remind yourself.
Miwaresoft Limited