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Miwaresoft Gratitude 2

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Miwaresoft Gratitude 2

What are you thankful for?

Who are you grateful to?

Where are you happy living?

And... what can you gift?

Being happy and grateful for those things that you take for granted everyday, focusses your mind on what is good in your life.

By expressing your gratitude, it reminds you of what you are thankful for.

That makes more things happen that you are likely to be grateful for.

And being grateful makes everything better for everyone…

Miwaresoft Gratitude provides you with a simple and easy way to note down what you are thankful for.

And so you don't forget...

Miwaresoft Gratitude sends you infrequent daily or weekly notifications to remind you.

Don’t worry, all notifications are private, and you can choose how often you are reminded in Settings.

In gratitude.

Miwaresoft - re-mind your self.

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