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Miwaresoft Bucket List 3

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Miwaresoft Bucket List 3

A 'bucket list', is a list of things you want to do, before you 'kick the bucket'.

What people do you want to meet?

What places do you want to go?

What things do you want?

What activities do your want to experience?

A bucket list could look something like this:
(Inspired by the movie 'The Bucket List' [2007])

1. Witness something truly majestic (like the Himalayas)
2. Help a complete stranger
3. Laugh until you cry
4. Drive a dream vehicle (like a Shelby Mustang)
5. Kiss the most beautiful person in the world
6. Adorn yourself (such as with jewellery or even a tattoo)
7. Action sport (such as skydiving or scuba diving)
8. Visit Stonehenge, Picchu Picchu or Angkor Wat
9. Walk the Great Wall of China (or even drive a motorcycle there)
10. Camp in the wild (or take a Safari, if that's acceptable to you)
11. Visit the Taj Mahal
12. Sit on the Great Egyptian Pyramid
13. Find Joy in your life

The problem with a list on a piece of paper is that you probably write it and then forget it.

Miwaresoft Bucket List reminds you of your list items automatically.

Randomised notifications gently remind you of your bucket list items.

Each list item optionally can include a picture.

Pictures are included in your notifications.

Plus notifications have quick action buttons, making it easy to mark an item as Done.

Apple Watch users received photo notifications on their wrist. Plus an App which shows how many items on your list you have done.

Remind yourself, with Miwaresoft Bucket List.
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