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Mitty Matchy

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Mitty Matchy

Mitty Matchy is a simple match-2 game that helps improve your memory skills. Super easy and fun to play!

One-time-only fee of $0.99 cents includes access on all your devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Apple Silicon Macs) and even includes Family Sharing on all devices for no extra fee.

Plays offline without internet access.

Create custom playing cards using any picture in your camera roll Photos Library.

TIP: You can also create custom cards with images from the web! Just press-and-hold any image, then tap "Save to Photos". The photo will appear in your Photos Library and can be used as a custom card in Mitty Matchy.


1. Choose from three included Card Sets (Mitty Matchy, Landscapes, Flowers) or CREATE YOUR OWN CARDS using your camera roll Photos Library.

2. Turn card sounds On/Off.

3. Turn background music On/Off. Choose from three included instrumental songs.

4. Choose number of cards to increase or decrease difficulty level (Easy, Fun, Challenging, Genius).

5. Use your custom cards on Apple Watch.


You can use any photo from your Photos Library.

1.  Access settings by long-pressing (press-and-hold) ANY CARD for 2 seconds.

2. Scroll down to the Card Set section and tap "Custom".

3. Click any card's thumbnail image to display the card in large size.  

TIP: You can swipe left/right to flip between cards.

TIP: If you decide you don't want to change the card, tap anywhere on the card to cancel and return to the Settings screen.

4. Tap "Pick Custom Photo" at the bottom of the screen to select an image from your Photos Library.

5. When the cropping tool appears, drag and pinch to adjust image to desired size and position, then tap Done.

6. Continue tapping other thumbnails to customize other cards.

7. Tap Save (in upper left corner) when done customizing cards.

8. Your custom cards will appear in the game!

Charles Ferrell