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Missy is a smart and helpful period and ovulation tracker. Missy accurately predict your menstruation, ovulation and fertile days through the calendar.


* Period Tracker
Easy data input - log the start date and the end date of your period and get predictions for upcoming menstruation. Missy is useful whether you have irregular or regular periods.

* Ovulation Tracker
Data-driven predictions of fertility and ovulation.
Want to get pregnant? Missy can track your chance of pregnancy every day.

* Graphs
Graphs for period duration, cycle length and weight changes - analyze your current and past cycles and keep history of your health.

* Timely Reminders
Reminders for the upcoming period, fertile days and ovulation.
Pills reminder - it makes sure you’ll never miss a pill ever again.

* Mood Tracker
Listen to yourself and track emotional symptoms to understand how they influence your health.

* Community
Ask questions, discuss any topics and get support from women around the world.

Why will you fall in love with Missy

+ Personal
+ Smart
+ Simple
+ Helpful
+ Accurate
+ Reliable
+ Easy to use

And much, much more!

It’s easy and quick way to track your period, ovulation, fertile days and general health.
Get it, girls. Seriously.
Kakadu Development, OOO