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Mishmash is an endless word puzzle that is personal, stylish, relaxing and entertaining. This under a minute word game is built exclusively for Apple Watch.

It is easy to play. Hard to stop. Start with a board full of scrambled words. Swap any two letters to create a word. Find all the words before your moves run out.

Change the look. Choose from 6 relaxing, beautiful color themes that suit your personal taste, mood, and style.

Expand your experience playing Mishmash in iPhone. Select different boards with 3, 4, or 5 letter word puzzles.

Features at a Glance:

• Under a minute word game
• Three, four, or five letter word puzzles
• Randomly selected words in each game
• Unlimited puzzles. It is different each game
• Over 14,000 tournament qualified words
• No profanity¹
• Use anagrams
• Reveal next word
• Reveal first letters of each word
• Reveal all words before shuffling
• Conveniently start a new game
• Conveniently turn on or turn off the music
• 6 fascinating color themes
• Play using Apple Watch or iPhone
• Set options from either Apple Watch or iPhone

Enjoy playing Mishmash. We value your feedback and comments. Please write a review on iTunes. Tell your family and friends about Mishmash.

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¹ Tell us. We’ll be glad to remove objectionable words immediately.