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What is MiracleSoft Driving Recorder?
MiracleSoft Drive Recorder is software developed by MiracleSoft Software for the global market. It is based on the iOS system to record and store information such as vehicle speed, time, mileage, and video. It has become an indispensable tool for car owners.

What can a customer generally do with it?
1. Maintain legal rights
The wrong driving habits and habits of crossing the road have led to frequent traffic accidents. It may happen to oneself on some day. Coupled with a good high-definition driving recorder, you can restore the accident scene one by one to protect the evidence for their own benefit.
2. As DV
As a video recording tool, driving recorder can record beautiful scenery along the way or thrills, bizarre, or rare sight for the car lovers who like to drive by themselves, and leave a beautiful memory!
3. Supervise compliance with traffic regulations
If each car is equipped with a driving recorder, then it is equivalent to having numerous mobile electronic eyes on the road, so that the responsibility of the traffic accident has no place to hide, so that those brave enough to have convergence.
4. At home as a housekeeping assistant, when you go to work or other circumstances are not at home, put the iPhone at home, open our software, you can all-weather video, it can help you use the idle iPhone stand up.

Why download this app?
From a comprehensive analysis of car owners' needs, mobile phone performance, and professional driving recorders, after two months of research and development and testing, we have brought you this traffic record app with excellent performance and practicality.
This app features:
● Loop recording, setting the length of a single file recording
Can record fixed-length video clips, easy to find and use; when the pre-defined storage area is full, automatic cycle coverage, effectively save storage space, does not take up space for other mobile phone applications.
● camera navigation a key switch
You can enter the camera mode, you can also enter the map navigation mode, you can also display two interfaces at the same time.
● Multiple resolutions
640x480, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1920x1080 (iPhone4s/5/5s/6/6p/6sp/7/8/iPhoneX) Four Resolutions Available
● Can record driving environment sound
Record the sound while recording the image, or you can not record the sound under your choice.
● Easy to install and easy to use
Use the car phone holder/rack (visible everywhere on the internet) to fasten the phone to the car's front windshield.
● When the incoming call or program enters the background, the video is automatically stored
● Automatically start recording when the software is opened
● Support playback video
Play the previous video and simultaneously display the geographical location of the car in the video. At the same time, display the date and time that are convenient for proof.
● Supports both soft coding and hardware coding
● Dynamically recognize the distance between the vehicle and the pedestrian in front of the vehicle during driving, and remind the driver before the danger occurs.
● When sudden braking is detected during driving, the video is automatically locked.

Of course, there is no shortage of gold. If you encounter problems or have good suggestions during the use, please contact us through the appstore user feedback, QQ Group and QQ Mail, we are greatly appreciated!
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QQ mailbox: [email protected]
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