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Goose, Your Digital Co-Pilot

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Goose, Your Digital Co-Pilot

Welcome to Goose – Your Digital Co-Pilot.
Designed for all pilots around the world – regardless if real live or simulator pilots: Goose is YOUR Digital Co-Pilot and works great with or without audio.

"The Siri/Alexa of the cockpit" - Aviation Consumer Nov 2021

Goose is the revolutionary AI voice co-pilot – the voice assistant for pilot’s.

Designed by pilots, for pilots, Goose is here to elevate your flying experience with voice-controlled precision and reliability.

Goose comes with an extraordinary feature set that evolved over the last decade to the best digital co-pilot and only voice assistant for pilots in General Aviation.

Just say "Hey Goose" to access checklists, navigation info, and more, hands-free.
Offline Capability: Reliable and accessible, Goose functions perfectly offline, ensuring constant support, no matter where you fly.

Enhanced with MiraCheck's trusted checklist system and Goose's AI innovations for unmatched safety in single-pilot operations.

Switch between the classic MiraCheck interface and the new Goose theme to suit your flying style.


What's New Since the Merger:

Experience a revamped design that simplifies cockpit tasks, coupled with the option to retain the traditional MiraCheck style.
Seamless Subscriptions: Your existing "Pro Unlimited" and other active subscriptions continue as usual with additional advanced features.

Look forward to AI-driven features, integrations with other aviation apps and avionics, and ongoing usability enhancements.

Impressed? There is more!
+ Partnered with CheckMate Aviation (F.A.A. Flight Safety Award) with 100 real-world checklists;
+ Learning Checklists: real-time-on-the-job training supported by historical records of each session;
+ Powerful Search Engine;
+ Linking within checklists and to external checklists;
+ Advanced branching when linear lists won't do;
+ Focused Mode;
+ Emergency Checklist;
+ Big Check Overlay;
+ More than 22 years experience in aviation and checklists;
+ Designed from the ground up by real pilots.

On the website you will find several YouTube videos and walkthroughs.
For an extended demonstration visit the website and go to the 'Try it out' section.

Do yourself and the community a favor: test Goose and share your thoughts with us!
[email protected]

"Thank you! Your app is really great and I was waiting a long time for such an app. The quality is amazingly great and it is very well thought out."

Wish you many great flights and happy Landings with Goose by your side!


Be a Maverick – Fly with Goose
Experience the next level of flight assistance!
Miralou Aero LLC