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Mini Currency Converter

by 志 钟
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Mini Currency Converter

by 志 钟
This is a real-time exchange rate currency converter that supports over 160 currency conversions and is the perfect exchange rate calculator for travelers and financial practitioners.

The world is so big, you should go and see. As you travel around the world, you will inevitably need to deal with the currencies of each country. This product is expensive? Is overseas shopping cheaper than domestic purchases? What is the exchange rate between foreign currency and domestic currency? When you install this currency converter, all of this currency-related issues will be simple, and it will help you make quick decisions about shopping.

The real-time updated exchange rate can calculate the result more accurately. If you don't have high calculation accuracy, you can set the appropriate exchange rate update frequency. The lower the frequency, the less network bandwidth is consumed. This currency exchange rate calculator works well offline, and it can use the exchange rate data to complete the currency conversion work.

You can add frequently used currencies to your favorites list, and the favorite currency will appear at the top of the list when the currency is selected. The collection currency also supports some gestures, so you can quickly choose.

The currency converter is designed to be simple and clear at a glance. Gestures are used on multiple interactions:
  - Swipe left and right on the main interface to switch the currency of the collection.
  - Swipe up and down on the main interface to exchange the currency currently in use.

It also offers custom exchange rates, personalized skins, notification center components, and support for Apple Watch to meet everything you need.

### Features

- More than 160 currency exchange rates
- Real-time exchange rate update
- Simple and easy to use user interface
- Multiple personalization settings
- Collection of commonly used currencies
- Custom exchange rate
- Support offline mode
- Built-in calculator
- Support iWatch
- free
- Notification Center component

### Contact

- Email: [email protected]
- Twitter: @zhongzhi
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