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Mini Airports

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Mini Airports

Mini Airports is the brand new Apple Watch app from FSWidgets!

Mini Airports enables flight simulator enthusiasts, real world pilots, virtual ATC operators or anyone at all interested in airports and aviation to locate, filter and display dozens of details for nearly every airport in the world. Mini Airports' cloud data includes land based airports, heliports and seaplane based ports.

Features include...

1. Easily find nearby airports and filter search results by land, helipad and seaplane types

2. Current location used as the centre of the search can be changed with a simple tap and may be one of:

Live Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX, FS9, FS2004) location
Live Laminar Research X-Plane (9, 10) location
Real GPS location
Airport ICAO code (for example, KSFO for San Francisco International)
Manual Latitude / Longitude

3. Huge amount of available airport information including:

Runway diagram with airport elevation
Runway details including Identifier, Length, Width and Surface Type (asphalt, grass, concrete etc)
Localizer and ILS details including Frequency, Identifier, Type, Heading, Lighting Type and Lighting Class
Radio Frequency information including ATIS, AWOS, UNICOM, GROUND, TOWER, DEPARTURE, APPROACH
Latest METAR and TAF weather reports
Map view of airport and surrounds

4. Real aviation METAR and TAF weather reports, all displayed in real-time

5. Connect to Microsoft Flight Simulator or Laminar Research X-Plane to find airports matching your current location in the simulator. As your location changes so too will the nearest airports. This requires the free FSWidgets Network Pack available from our site.

6. Quick reference help built in

As usual the FSWidgets team thanks you for your wonderful support. Drop us a line anytime with suggestions, questions or feedback.
John Hnidec