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Mindkit-keep things organized

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Mindkit-keep things organized

Mindkit is a lightweight, modular todo and note application.

When we're working, studying, or enjoying our daily life, we always focus on many things:
What am I going to do today?
How many times do you insist on running/fitness this month?
How are you feeling today?
How many days have I not eaten breakfast?
What should I buy next time I go to the supermarket?
How many days are left before a friend's birthday?

Keeping todos organized, tracking daily life as well as habits, presenting elegant notes, these are all things Mindkit tries to do for you.

# Modules in Mindkit

What tasks are you going to complete today? Using task type, you can put different todos/tasks in different types/projects.

Remember something to do suddenly? Using "Do it Later", you can list them and process them later.

How many times do you exercise in this month, and how many nights do you stay up late this week? Simply mark, quickly review, even take some notes.

Some wishes, some big days, some wonderful ideas, some reminders? Write down the things you care about, track wonderful ideas, create simple reminders, and keep notes at your fingertips.

[Daily Tracking]
How are you doing today? Is what happened today worth remembering?? Tracking your mood and even write a diary.
Are you eating healthy today? Do you overeat? Tracking your diet, and then review recent records to pay more attention to your health.

Mindkit hopes to moisturize things in silence, making life/study/work better day by day.

# Other functions

- Dark/light appearance, switch freely
- Various theme colors, choose at will
- iCloud data synchronization
- Various widgets for tasks, habits, moods, moments (countdown, positive), etc. (only supports IOS 14 +)

# Multiple options to upgrade to Mindkit Pro

-Monthly-renew subscription
-Yearly-renew subscription
-Lifetime-one-time buyout

* After confirming the purchase or free trial period (if any), the iTunes account will be charged
* The free trial period (if any) after subscription will automatically expire
* You can go to the App Store account settings to manage or unsubscribe after subscribing
* Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-subscription is turned off 24 hours before the end of the subscription period

User policy:
Privacy Agreement:

If you encounter any problems or have some suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Email: [email protected]
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