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Mindkit-keep things organized

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Mindkit-keep things organized

MindKit is a lightweight, modular todo and note application.

When we're working, studying, or enjoying our daily life, we always focus on many things:

- What will I do / learn today?
- How many times have you been running / exercising this month?
- Am I in good mood today?
- I haven't had breakfast for days?
- What should I buy next time I go to the supermarket?
- How many days is mom's birthday?
- Where did you spend all your money this month?
- What's the progress of the books you've been reading recently?
- How long have you been studying today?
- Pay the credit card on the 26th of each month.

Keeping todos organized, tracking daily life as well as habits, presenting elegant notes, these are all things MindKit tries to do for you.

# Main functions

## Action

### Tasks
What do you have to do today / tomorrow / todos? Using task type, you can put different tasks in different types. Suddenly think of a recent thing to do? With "Do it later", you can store them temporarily and deal with them later.

### Habits
How many times did you exercise in this month and how many nights did you stay up this week? Simply mark, review quickly, form good habits and keep in good condition.

### Focus
With the help of the Pomodoro, keep yourself focused on the most important things at present.

## Daily tracking

### Mood diary
How was your day? What memorable things happened? Record your mood and even write a diary.

### Diet record
Did you eat healthily today? Did you overeat? How long have you not had breakfast? Record your diet, then review your recent records and pay more attention to your health.

### Bookkeeping book

Bookkeeping to control expenses, support labels and custom labels, etc.

### Goals | Progress
Where's the progress of the books you've been reading recently, and how many have you completed your goal? Quickly increase progress and support grouping function.

### Woman Period

### Body Weight

## Notes
Some wishes, some important days, some wonderful ideas, some reminders? What do you want to buy next time you go to the supermarket? Write down your concerns, track wonderful ideas, and create simple reminders to make your note list accessible.

### Wish List
Create a wish list, make a wish, and list specific implementation steps, which will eventually be realized.

### Big Moment
Create commemorative moments, and remind them before important days, and support countdown days and positive days.

### Ideas
Create ideas, track ideas, list their progress on a timeline, and mark whether they have been realized.

### Reminders
Create reminders to remind important matters.

### Notes

Create notes to record fragments in life, study and work.

## Snapshots

Review your daily life recorded on MindKit and quickly review your recent life.

# Other functions
- Dark / light appearance, free switching.
- Multiple app icons can be changed at any time.
- Choose from a variety of theme colors.
- iCloud data synchronization, seamless switching of multiple devices.
- Password protected and supports TouchID and FaceID.
- 20 + desktop widgets.

# Multiple options to upgrade to MindKit Pro

- Month - automatic renewal subscription - ¥ 6 / month
- Year - automatic renewal subscription - ¥ 50 / year
- Lifetime - one-off buyout - ¥ 128

* After confirmation of purchase or free trial period (if any), the iTunes account will be charged.
* The free trial period (if any) will automatically expire after subscription.
* After you subscribe, you can go to the app store account to set up management or cancel your subscription.
* The subscription will be automatically renewed unless it is turned off 24 hours before the end of the subscription period.

User policy:
Privacy agreement:


If you encounter any problems or have some suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time [email protected] .
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