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by Apple
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by Apple
Taking moments throughout the day to stop, relax, and practice mindfulness can help reduce stress and improve overall health. The Mindfulness app on Apple Watch includes a Breathe session that delivers guided, deep breathing to help you feel more calm, focused and centered. It also includes Reflect, which surfaces a randomized, thoughtful prompt to help you turns toward a positive frame of mind. Both Breathe and Reflect offer tips to help you get more from each session, and feature beautiful new animations.


• Choose to receive notifications to remind you to start a Mindfulness session. Apple Watch can remind you to be mindful at the start and end of your day, as well as at scheduled times.
• Change the duration of either a Breathe or Reflect session from 1 minute to up to 5 minutes.
• Feel haptics to guide your Breathe Session as you inhale and exhale.
• Set a breath rate ranging from 4 breaths per minute to 10 breaths per minute.
• Track mindful minutes from the Mindfulness app in the Health app on iPhone.