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Mindful Walking Meditation

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Mindful Walking Meditation

This app is called Mindful Walking Meditation. The purpose with the app is to help you practice mindful walking by monitoring your heartrate and walking distance. The app provides notifications (text, sound and haptic feedback) every 5 minutes to give you the oppertunity to practice concious walking. The activities are: Normal walking, Mindful walking and Power walking. Try to follow these activities and notice your breath and how the activity makes your heart respond with variation and hopefully a good feeling of energy. Please take care if you feel any problems. Happy walking!

With this app you are able to have the benefit of both body and mind exercise in combination.

The app integrates with the Health App and measures and displays your walking distance, time and your heart rate in the UI.

The app shares the data with Healthkit for the following activity types:
and the activity location:

The purpose af using integration with HealthKit is to help you care for your health and fitness. With the data shown in the apps UI you can follow your walking distance and time and regulate your pace to fit the suggested activity levels also presented in the UI.

Activity program changes every 5 minutes:
1) Normal walking
2) Mindful walking
3) Power walking
4) repeat

When the timer is activated, you hear a notification and feel a haptic feedback to alert you to an activity change.

The notifications runs every 5 minutes with a haptic feedback and a sound. A text on the screen tells you the type of walking you should practice now. If you turn off notifications the sound and haptic will not be enabled but you'll still get the update on the screen.

Set the time and enjoy an attentive walking meditation.
Bo Kalvslund