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Mindful Eats

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Mindful Eats

Mindful Eats is an interval timer app aimed at helping you slow down and stay mindful during eating. Mindful eating facilitates a healthy relationship with food and can ultimately lead to weight loss.

Choose between three types of timers:
● Bite Timer: Slow down how fast you eat by creating a set pause between each bite.
● Meal Timer: Slow down how fast you eat by defining set eating and break windows during your meal.
● Seconds Timer: Create a mindful pause before you get your second plate of food. Give yourself time to feel full before deciding you need more.

Eating slowly has many possible benefits:
● Promotes weight loss by giving your brain more time to receive fullness signals
● Helps you better absorb the nutrients in your food
● Improves digestion
● Make you feel calmer and more in control
● Increases your enjoyment of food

Start building a healthier relationship with food today by simply slowing down with the bite time or meal timer!

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Shannon Bolick