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Mindful posture and breathing are clinically proven to:
- Help you look and feel better
- Improve your posture, mood, memory, brain function, heart rate variability, sleep, productivity and confidence.*
- Reduce back, neck & shoulder pain, stress, blood pressure, and insomnia.*

Posture and Breathing together provide presence. minder transforms your apple watch into a coach to condition you to a more mindful posture and breath. minder allows you to wear your apple watch on the wrist, chest, or back while rendering a visualization of your posture and breathing in real-time on your iPhone whether the app is open or closed. It works in the background discreetly notifying you to be mindful.

See, feel and/or hear your way into good posture. minder conditions healthy posture through visual, audio, and/or haptic ("tapping") feedback. It's simple. Just follow the ball to condition muscle memory of your healthy active and supported postures. Get on the Ball!

Breathe with a coordinated natural breath. minder conditions healthy breathing through real-time visual biofeedback coaching a naturally coordinated breath that is right for you. Our patented technology shows the cadence and quality of YOUR breath using customizable visuals and sounds. Other apps and devices only tell you when to breathe, minder gives you precise biological feedback in real-time.

Take a break. minder encourages you to take Me/Mos (Me Moments) throughout the day. Me/Mos are fun, scheduled, purposeful breaks - opportunities to mind Yourself. A Me/Mo is a breathing exercise, a drink of H2O, a quick stretch, a walk, or anything that is good for you. Each Me/Mo has an easy to follow visual guide and instructions. You can schedule a Me/Mo at specific times during your day or get automatic reminders.

Check in. minder allows you to check in with how you are feeling throughout the day. minder tracks healthy posture stats, wear time, steps, mindful minutes, heart rate, goal, and Me/Mo progress which are all visualized on our intuitive, user-friendly dashboard. minder syncs to Apple Health to keep all your vital health data in one place.

*Visit for clinical studies

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