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MiMoto by Helbiz

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MiMoto by Helbiz

MiMoto is the first electric Scooter Sharing made in Italy with a Smart&Green philosophy.
MiMoto, the eco-friendly scooter sharing to revolutionise urban mobility.

MiMoto eSharing is the first electric Scooter Sharing service Made in Italy.
Sharing becomes green, smart, convenient and user-friendly.

The service gives you a whole fleet of Italian designed and built electric scooters available for rental through an app on your smartphone.
It will significantly reduce travel times through city traffic and cut fuel and maintenance costs. Traffic queues and looking for parking are a distant memory/thing of the past.

At the end of the rental process, after reaching your destination, you will be able to leave the scooter anywhere within the allowed service area and in respect of the traffic laws. You will finally be free of finding charging stations! MiMoto esharing will always ensure fully charged vehicles and guarantee the free floating service.

MiMoto esharing combines the advantages of shared mobility with the vision of a cleaner and livable city.

Reduced air and sound pollution, reduced traffic, flexible and improved travel times are just some of the benefits of our service.

No need to worry about trying to balance expenses anymore. Forget about refuelling, maintenance, vehicle license fees and insurance, we will take care of them.
MiMoto esharing will provide fully charged batteries to all scooters and making them available again in no time.

MiMoto offers not only a dynamic and useful service but also a strong alliance to any city administration in the battle against pollution and traffic – creating greener
and smarter cities.

Eco-sustainability, the respect of the environment and integrated mobility are a the core of MiMoto company vision.
MiMoto Smart Mobility Srl