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With the App Millennium, you can manage your accounts and financial assets in an efficient and simple manner.
Carry out all your usual transactions, view your account balance, make transfers, pay services or top-up your mobile phone. You can also make SEPA and Western Union transfers, build up savings and acknowledge receiving the card PIN.
If you are not a Customer yet, open an account directly on the App. It will only take 15 minutes and you will not have to leave the comfort of your sofa.
Use our Consumer Loans and Home Loans simulators and make all your dreams come true. Here you can simulate and ask for a loan anywhere.
Login to the App Millennium with PIN or with your iPhone’s Touch ID or Face ID.
If you have any questions or suggestions you can send us an e-mail to

Permissions requested:
- Access to your location: required so that the application can find the Millennium bcp Branch nearer you and communicate through iBeacons.
- Access to Fingerprint: when active in the device, it allows you to choose to login to the App using your fingerprint instead of the pin.
- Access to Photos: used in operations such as Transfers/Savings by QR Code and Payment of Bills using an OCR scan, and also to customize the icons of your accounts with photos and in the Account opening process.
- Access to Camera: used in Transfers/Savings by QR Code, Payment of bills using an OCR scan, for saving Loyalty cards and in the Account opening process.
- Access to Contacts: this permission is related with the “Management of Beneficiaries" to, for example, attribute to them a specific BIN/IBAN.
- Access to microphone: for using voice command and in the Account opening process.
- Access to Bluetooth connection information: this request is related with the communication with the iBeacons and between the Apple Watch and the App Millennium.

Requires iOS 9.0 or newer version
Millennium bcp