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Milestones for Watch

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Milestones for Watch

How breathtaking it is to climb to the top of such landmarks as the Eiffel tower or the Statue of Liberty? How heavy exercise is dancing and how much sweating does it take to light a lamp? No matter the place or time, accept the challenge and get yourself moving with the Milestones for watch designed exclusively for the Apple Watch.

All challenges are completed by being active. Milestones integrates with the Health app and uses your activity data to show your progress in the challenges. Progress is shown by coloring illustrated black and white images with vibrant colors. You compete only against time and yourself. You can always try to beat your best time.

The Challenges are divided into three categories:

1.Floors - A flight of stairs is counted as around 10 feet / 3 meters of elevation gain. Approximately 16 steps.

2.Distance - Walk or Run. Milestones uses the Walking + Running Distance calculated by your Apple Watch.

3.Calories - Active energy burned. Tracked by your Apple Watch.

No matter the place or time, you can always conquer the most exciting destinations all around the world or feel what it takes to burn extra calories you’ve had during the day.

Complications: Add Milestones complication to your favourite watch face and it keeps you up to date on your progress in the challenge.

Notifications: Get notified when a challenge is completed and view your time.

In-app purchases directly from the Apple Watch.First set of challenges are free. Following sets of challenges are offered as in-app purchase. You will get the possibility to unlock additional sets after you have completed all of the available challenges. After tapping the "Unlock Next Set" button you will see a purchase dialog that prompts you to Double Click to Pay. To proceed you will need to double click the side button to continue (the same button used to turn the Apple Watch on and off).

Privacy: Milestones integrates with the Health app and to work properly Milestones needs access to your activity data (Active Energy, Flights Climbed, Steps, Walking + Running Distance). Activity data used by the app is only stored and used locally on your device.

For any questions you can contact us at [email protected]
Sydvesti Oy