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Migraine Insight

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Migraine Insight

Track smarter, find triggers faster. This complete migraine and headache journal helps you track migraines, medications, triggers and more.

Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) pattern finder helps you see the patterns you may be missing. We help you make real, useful insights on top of being the easiest to use journal!

This full featured migraine and headache log is the #1 most effective app for reducing or eliminating migraines.

You track episodes. Migraine Insight combines this with data you're already collecting (e.g. sleep, weather, workouts). Powerful analysis helps you make better insights from your tracking.

It works! This app has all the great migraine app features you'd expect. Plus, we help you work better with your care team and make real progress by seeing what correlates with your migraine episodes.


Full Featured Journal: ** Easiest. Tracking. Ever. (Get it just for this!) **
* Both doctors and patients love our journal.
* Track anything you want.
* Record migraines in seconds. Come back later to fill in the details.

Automated Tracking:
* Weather and Barometer
* Workouts
* Steps
* Sleep
* Location (Do certain locations cause you to have more migraines? Our users LOVE this feature.)

Fully Custom Tracking:
* We don't force you to track things you don't want to track.
* Pattern Finder: Finally know your real migraine triggers.

Your Records are There When You Need Them:
* Clear records for your care team or at the ER.
* Make better medication decisions with a clear log of past trials.

Integrates with HealthKit. All apps that add data to your iPhone Health App will sync into this app (with your permission), including data collected in Fitbit and Apple Watch.

Join TENS OF THOUSANDS of users that have reduced or eliminated migraines. This is a migraine diary with real insights to help you get better faster. Download and start tracking today for free.

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