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Mighty is a simple, powerful task manager, that let's you organize everything and achieve your goals with ease.


Building on top of Apple Reminders, Mighty adds a layer of minimalistic GTD (Get Things Done®) to your todos. Clever grouping gives you a complete overview of what you need to do at any time.

*** Build for iOS 10 ***

A modern take on what task management on the mobile can be.


Mighty looks and feels lightweight, but is a powerful companion. Discover how to manage your tasks with ease without sacrificing power and integration. Enter and schedule tasks in any way you want, even using Siri. Use Areas to add structure and focus on what matters now.

• Today: Your Today list contains items you need to handle. Move tasks here and check them off as you go. Mighty will automatically move Scheduled tasks here when they are due - so you never miss anything important.

• Structure: Keep track of what's Next and what is Scheduled for later. Move tasks to Someday if you don't want to work on them yet. Use Areas to add structure. Work, Family, Vacation, Minor tasks, Recipes to try - no matter what makes sense to you, Mighty abides.

• Shared Areas: Because Mighty builds on top of Apple Reminders, any shared list you have there becomes a shared Area in Mighty. Perfect for group projects, grocery lists, etc.

• Free your mind: Enter new ideas into Mighty the moment they hit you, or simply use Siri to add them, so you can maintain focus on what you were doing.

• Schedule with ease: Organising your work shouldn't feel like work. Quickly shuffle tasks around and reschedule stuff when circumstances change.

• Review: See what you accomplished in the Logged tasks section.

No matter how you prefer to work, Mighty's got you covered. Mighty wants to be your best friend and the best task manager in the world.


Intelligent accessing of system reminders ensures that Mighty runs smoothly even if you have thousands of tasks.


A minimalistic approach to GTD (Get Things Done®) makes it easy to get started.


Structure task with ease. Maintain a complete overview at any time.


Mighty loves integrations and because it builds on top of Apple Reminders it is easy to access from the outside. Siri works out of the box and services such as can be used to setup advanced workflows.


Work on as many devices as you want. Tasks and changes are updated live or as soon as you come online.

Mighty's goal is to make task management easy and fun for everyone. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for further greatness in coming updates.
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