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Midnight Dates Classic

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Midnight Dates Classic

This app calculates exactly how long it’s been, or how long it will be until, all the important dates in your life. And Midnight Dates also helps you share these with your friends and family. It’s a fountain of really fun date-based information!

Impress your friends:
• “Honey, we’ve been together 157 weeks… awww.”
• “Next Monday is the 400th day since I quit using Windows!”
• “It’s 1 year, 7 months, 2 weeks and 5 days until retirement!”
• “We have only 218 years until James T. Kirk is born.”
• “Tomorrow is the 17,500th day since the Moon landing!”
• “Only 50 more days until Christmas!”

Simple to use:
• Tap the "+" button to create new dates to track.
• Tap the date in the list to see it’s details.
• Tap the "…" button in to edit and share the date in various methods supported by your devices such as email, messages, Twitter, Facebook, or AirDrop.

Features include:
• Supports all iOS 10 and later compatible iPhones and iPads with universal layout and split app view
• Includes watchOS 3 app and watch face complication to view your dates on the go
• Syncs via iCloud automatically with iOS and watchOS versions
• Track any Gregorian calendar date from January 1, 1 to December 31, 10,000
• Sort by name, date, and day of the year
• Share via: email, messages, Twitter, Facebook and other text based methods
• Share directly to another device via AirDrop
• Import and export urls from email and web and other iOS apps
• Backup all date via email (send to yourself)

Tell everyone:
If you are enjoying Midnight Dates, please leave us a five-star review. It helps us keep development going. Some features we're considering for future versions are:
• Today widget for macOS and iOS
• System notifications and reminders
• Localizing to lots of languages
• Date calculation in other calendar systems
• Customizable font and color themes, and dark mode
• Date information such as: moons, zodiac, number-names (i.e. sesquicentennial)
If you are interested in any of these possible features, or have other ideas or questions, please email us at [email protected]

More Tips
When sharing via email the date’s full description is included, while sharing via Messages, Twitter or Facebook will only be a short summary.
You can use AirDrop in the sharing panel to give the date to another person running Midnight Dates on their device.
Backup or share all your dates by sending yourself an email from the Options view. The long url at the end will import them all together.
Share dates via the web and email using the Midnight Dates url format: mbd://DateName?2014-12-31 or from multiple dates: mbd://DateName?2014-12-31/DateName?2014-12-31/DateName?2014-12-31
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