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microBees is an integrated hardware and software ready for use.
Through the use of our hardware devices simple to install, the myBees App for iOS and our cloud service platform, microBees allows intelligent management of electrical devices for everyday use and all information accessible from the network. Thank microBees will be easy to save energy and have a powerful home automation system without changing the existing electrical system.

We like to think microBees like a beehive, made of innumerable cells are related and populated by intelligent bees (Bees).

Each bee is specialized to handle a particular channel such as:
• Data absorption of my electrical equipment;
• news feeds, weather information;
• events of my pages on social networks;
• my geographic location.

Using all this information in one well-organized (your Internet of Things), you can create automated systems for control of the environment, energy saving and the simplification of large and small gestures of everyday life that go far beyond the capabilities of traditional systems Demotic.

This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease device battery life