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The free Moving Intelligence app allows you, the user of Moving Intelligence, to have insight of your tripadministration and of the current location of your object (s). In addition, the app offers several convenient options for using your immobilizer.

Real Time:
- Live tracking and tracing of your vehicles.
- Current trip.

- Ignition on / off
- Current speed
- Display the last or current trip on the map

- Start time and End time of the trip
- Start Address and End Address of the trip
- Distance
- Assign classification per trip (private/business/unknown/commuting)
- Display the trip on the map
- Edit the description of the trip

Security SCM VVS Basic Plus:
This security requirement ensures that a vehicle must be equipped with an immobilizer (MiBlock) with jamming detection. Therefor we have some convenient features:
- Alarm blockage, if you want to stay at the emergency center your vehicle for a short time
- Your vehicle (once) have asked to show the transponderpas. (When parking in an unsafe place)
- In addition, the app includes a calendar function where you can set when the MiBlock to ask for a pass (for example, every day from 23.00 to 07.00).

- Remote on-, and off various functions such as the heater your boat

Tripadministration overview:
This function allows you to quickly and easily at a glance look at your tripadministration per classification (business, commuter traffic, private and unknown) are clearly displayed. Do you keep your Tripadministraion for the tax authorities, you can keep a close eye on whether all rides are properly classified.

This app is available to every user Moving Intelligence. To receive these services, you need to use Moving Intelligence hardware and services. These services connect after installing the hardware via the Moving Intelligence webshop.

The App is available in multiple languages; Dutch, English, German, French and Italian. The app will choose the language of your phone or tablet.
Moving Intelligence B.V.