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MG Fitness

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MG Fitness

MG Fitness is your home fitness club. You get the free training plan and personal trainer in one application!
There is a free workout program right in your smartphone at home. Strength training and yoga for beginners are available to you now. You can choose a workout according to your needs, while fitness journal saves all your steps on the way to a perfect body.

MG Fitness is:
- Well-balanced training programs
You no longer need a gym or personal trainer to stay in shape. The certified fitness coaches build these training programs. No matter what your goal is – making a six-pack, learning to do the splits, or you just want to stay in great shape and be healthy – we will help you!
- Individual customization of exercises to your level
Every one of us is unique. Therefore, everyone needs an adjustment of workouts. Your fitness routine is done according to your rules. Choose the intensity and length of exercises, depending on your fitness level.
- Possibility of creating your own programs
Create your own unique programs! It can be stretching, yoga, or morning gymnastics. Develop programs like a professional fitness coach, out of hundreds of available exercises in the app.
- Each exercise is explained in detail.
Arm or leg exercises won’t be effective unless you do them correctly. In our app, we selected video instructions made by the best fitness coaches, to make sure that you train every muscle group correctly at home.
- The system of achievements inside of the app
Discipline is an essential quality in the achievement of success. And we encourage the most persistent ones. Workout and receive awards, which will motivate you for new results in sport.
- Statistics and history of workouts
At any time, you can view the history of your workouts and interesting metrics. How much time you dedicate to sport, what is your progress in the plan, how much calories you burn on average in one workout – you can see all this in your workouts history.

MG Fitness features
- Playback of playlists by Apple Music and Spotify
- Integration with Apple Health
- System of smart notifications about workouts
- Statistics and history of workouts
- More opportunities with a paid subscription
- Useful articles about a healthy lifestyle in the app

We will continuously add new workouts. Please write in reviews or send us an email, specifying which exercises on which muscle groups you would like to see in our application on [email protected].
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